Edward Salem ادوارد سالم

Edward Salem / Palestine, US
Artist-in-Residence: June 2011

“Roughly half of the living Palestinian population resides outside of the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel. I was born in the United States, to Palestinian parents who fled their home after the 1967 War. My expulsion from a home I was never permitted to inhabit shaped a consciousness that lies at the center of my work. My repeated attempts to return to my home, and my repeated exiles, inform a politic of struggle and resistance inseparable from my creative activity.

Encompassing a range of media and strategies, my work traverses the border between art and social activism. Alongside my involvement with underserved communities in Detroit, Gaza, and the West Bank, my videos, photography, performance, and social interventions link political commitments with the affective realities of exile. In recent years, I have developed a focus on performance as a dominant strategy; my training as a writer and filmmaker inform an emphasis on singular, poetic actions and images.”